PSG has been a preferred Motorola vendor for Radio Solutions Channel Partners since 1989, and I am proud to say that 76% of  you have ordered from us.  Since all of you prefer 100% items, we are always looking for products that meet the co-op requirements.  If you have an idea for a new product, let us know and we will research it.  If we add it to our product line, we will give you 50% off on your first order!

Last year we added Sportswear & Apparel.   Our proprietary process called True Edge Heat Transfer allows us to decorate your product with the Motorola logo at a size much smaller than embroidery will allow. 2015 Catalog

This year we have added a CUSTOM WALL CALENDAR with your choice of any Motorola images from our Photo & Images page.

Our most popular 100% items include:

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Popular 50% items:

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Remember, with PSG, you don’t need to hassle with getting a pre-approval.  We invoice Trade One direct!  Just send us the 1 Co-op Form and we’ll do the rest.