Sportswear & Apparel

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For years, you have asked us about adding Sportswear & Apparel to our product offering and we have resisted.  One big reason for that was the small type that is part of the Motorola Solutions logo.  For embroidery, the smallest type has to be at least 1/4″ tall, and that makes the full Motorola logo VERY LARGE!

But now we have discovered new methods of decorating clothing that will forever change the way people look at customizing their apparel.  I am partnering with Trimark Sportswear.  They have a proprietary process called True Edge Heat Transfer that gives us the opportunity to produce your logos at 150 dpi with up to four color process printing…AND include free standing text as small as 8pt with exceptional detail.  We have two additional decorating techniques that offer more flexibility for displaying your logo…Laser and Deboss.  In addition, all the products in the Trimark clothing line are top quality.

Check out all the fine items in our Sportswear Collection:


View True Edge Heat Transfer, Laser, Deboss, and Embroidery Videos

One Minute Video overview for shirts, jackets, and fleece items