Christmas & Holiday Cards

Want a custom card? Just ask!

Want a custom card?
Just ask!

To order from a wide variety of our stock Christmas cards and see your proof “instantly” follow these steps:

1. Choose the card you like from these links:

Christmas Cards

Seasons Greetings

Calendar Cards

2. Select Main Lettering style for your name, then select a verse, view it and USE THIS VERSE (note: some cards have only one verse available).  Add your personalization (1-4 lines).

3. Select UPDATE PREVIEW to see inside copy (without the Motorola logo).  We add it for $35.00.  SAVE & CONTINUE.

4. Decide if you want the envelopes printed with your return address.  If so, select font and ink color then enter your address and UPDATE PREVIEW.  SAVE & CONTINUE.

5. View a proof so you can double check your order. Sorry, due to software restrictions, we can’t show the Motorola logo on the proof.  But we will add the horizontal version below your name so you can get your 100% co-op!

6. When you SAVE & CONTINUE the item is added to your shopping cart.  If you want to see a proof with the Motorola logo check the $20.00 box.  (This is not required.)

8. Scroll to the bottom right and check the review box, then CHECKOUT.  No need to create an account.  Continue as a guest.

9. Fill in the required billing information, check the box to use billing address as shipping address.  (In store payment is ok) REVIEW ORDER.

10. Select your shipping method then SAVE AND CONTINUE.

11. (“In Store Payment” means we will bill Brandmuscle.)  SUBMIT ORDER.

12. We will send you an email confirmation.

13. Add $35.00 to the Order Summary TOTAL for the Motorola logo, then fax us the Motorola co-op form and we will bill Brandmuscle.

NOTE:  Due to website constraints, you will not see the Motorola logo on your proof, but be assured, we will add it below your company name so we can bill Trade One!  We can email a proof to you if requested.


Why not take an employee picture and send a postcard style card?  Our graphics department can set it up, and Motorola co-op will cover it!