Equipment Labels


The best way to ensure repeat business is to include your company name on every item you sell or rent.

  • Lexan/polyester labels have been our #1 selling product every year.  Proven with Motorola Dealers for over 22 years, this is our standard top quality label and is recommended for rugged long lasting use on radios.
  • Vinyl labels are weatherproof, laminated for humidity, and recommended for inside radios.
  • Polyester (mylar) labels have a tackier adhesive and are less rigid than vinyl, and also recommended for inside radios…available in white, brite or brushed silver.
  • Matte silver thermal labels are the best choice if you want to write on your labels, and need more durability than paper.  (They work great with a Sharpie.)
  • Paper labels:  for temporary use on radios or for any other label applications.  Besides white, choose from 5 fluorescent paper colors (yellow, red, orange, green and red) if you want your label to “stand out”.

See samples of  Repair Label, Maintenance Label

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