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As of August 29, 2011 Motorola has announced that dealers have a choice of using the standard channel identifier or their differentiated channel identifier.  A sample of each is shown below.  For specifics refer to the Motorola Logo Guidelines .

Standard Channel Identifier

Differentiated Channel Identifier

If you choose to print with your differentiated channel identifier, (and because of the great variety of new logos), you must send us your designated logo which you can access on the MOL site.  Put mouse over “Resource Center”>click on “Access Print on Demand”>new window opens, look at blue box on left, then click on “Logos”.

Motorola Logo Guidelines (8/29/11)

Motorola Co-op Guidelines (8/15/11)

Service Development Fund Program Guidelines FINAL_4 15 2014

Motorola provides both product and application photos as well as many other items on the Motorola Solutions Collective website.