Thank You Cards

Thank You cardChoose from 31 stock cards or create your own custom Thank You Card.
To order a stock card and see your proof “instantly” follow these steps:
1. Choose the card you like.
2. Choose a quantity and a verse for the inside. You can write your own verse if you like ($35).
3. Different cards give you a choice of printing in ink or foil.
4. Decide if you want the envelopes printed with your return address.
5. View a proof so you can double check your order. Sorry, due to software restrictions, we can’t show the Motorola logo on the proof.  But we will add the horizontal version below your name so you can get your 100% co-op!
6. Add the item to your shopping basket, and place the order.  (Skip the credit card info.  “In Store Credit” means we will bill Trade One.)
7. We will send you an email confirmation.
8. Fax us the Motorola Co-op Form and we will bill Trade One.
View Thank You Cards
CUSTOM THANK YOU CARDS…why not do a postcard like this?  Give us a call and we’ll help you get started!